Wholesale VoIP Termination has now become the most prominent part of every business communication, especially in call center sector. This is basically an old traditional service provided by wholesale VoIP carriers to different service providers. It offers you an opportunity to talk with the family & friends while the service providers are responsible for their complicated back-end task.

During the past few years, wholesale termination providers have experienced certain benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that has simply revolutionized the whole telecom industry. It enables people to enjoy smooth telephone communication via the Internet. According to an estimate, the US VoIP market has already got more advanced since 2005, and now there are around 5 million VoIP households which have been added to 2018 only. Consumers choosing wholesale VoIP termination are usually the service providers who are responsible to get some best advantages in lowest possible rates with high-quality and flexible solutions on the marketplace.

Today there are many small and large scale companies that view VoIP solutions as the most incredible option which can save huge amounts; by using VoIP, calls can be efficiently routed via the Internet as opposed to a conventional telephone line. Now, the VoIP wholesale revenue is grown tremendously, so there are many competitive carriers who are looking for new ways to generate enough revenue.

Common terms associated with wholesale VoIP termination:

DID (direct inward dialing) and wholesale SIP termination is considered as the basic terms which are associated with wholesale VoIP termination. Wholesale DID origination enables users to access different numbers throughout the world. Wholesale SIP Termination (inbound) is the more reliable, scalable and fully redundant technology and has emerged as the most extensive voice network; it provides the customers a more useful opportunity taking an advantage of the available call quality.

Significant features of wholesale termination:

Wholesale termination providers tend to design different packages with the great variety of features. Some of the features are standard, some are optional and usually costs you a bit extra.

Some important features included in the wholesale VoIP packages are:

  • Faxing
  • Portal
  • International AZ
  • Calling card
  • Call origination and termination
  • SMS or text messaging
  • PBX hosting
  • API (application programming interface)


Listed below are some important benefits associated with wholesale VoIP Termination:

  • Management

Wholesale VoIP providers are the ones who efficiently manage the entire system. Every aspect and feature of their system is usually added with the agreement of both company and customer. In addition, the client has a complete access and control over the system through a web-based GUI portal.

  • Ease & flexibility:

Addition of different useful features is much easier and flexible with wholesale VoIP system. This is always done by the service provider over the web. The client can even make a request for different features as well.

  • Multiple connectivity options:

Another attractive attribute of wholesale termination is that it is not only confined to phone termination. Here are some examples of the VoIP termination call settings.

  • SMS services
  • PC to PC
  • PC to phone
  • Call conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Video calls

Every individual or a call center industry can use internet telephony, but choosing reliable wholesale VoIP termination providers, they can enjoy much cheaper rates and can efficiently manage their communication needs. Be sure to check VoIP Terminator for detailed guidelines on the above-mentioned topic.