When homeowners plan of trendy remodels they often overlook the importance of roof. The roof protects the internal structure of the building, but the aesthetics of roof is all curb appeal as no one standing inside the home is going to admire your roof, after all, there are many more tempting features to appraise for. So never ignore this area of curb appeal to add elegance and class into your outdoor.

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Homeowners who want a unique contemporary look for their homes are turning to trendy home improvement ideas which enhance the aesthetic of both indoor and outdoor of their homes. The elegant slate roofing is the hottest thing in the roofing today. As the long-lasting roof material, slate roof offers many advantages for those homeowners who are dedicated to maintaining an alternative style roof. This elegant roofing is gaining popularity in the market because of its unique appearance, durability, and longevity. But, like all other roof materials, it also has some disadvantages which should also be considered.

Advantages of Slate Roofing

  • One of the most readily noticed reasons for its popularity among homeowners is its alluring appearance. This stone product is available in a variety of color and thickness to create a patent aesthetic appeal which connotes elegance and class.
  • Another huge advantage of this roof material is its lifespan which can be expected to last more than a century. This means you need to properly perform one roof job and no worries for a
  • Slate tiles are fireproof and they are resistant to weathering of all types in almost every climate.

Disadvantages of Slate Roofing

  • The most important drawback of slate roofing is its high price Homeowners need to pay thousands of more dollar on slate roofing than on asphalt shingles. Moreover, these tiles are tough to install, that is why its installation cost is also high.
  • Slates tiles are heavier than most of the other roofing materials. Hence installation of this roofing requires heavy support underneath, which most of the homes lack. You may need to fortify your home for slate tile installation which can drive up the cost.
  • Not every roofer is experienced in working with slate tiles, so it is often very difficult to find a reputable and experienced roofing contractor who can perform slate tiles installation accurately.roofing contractors

While slate offers tremendous benefits including its longevity and enhanced curb appeal, it is very much expensive and has many drawbacks as well. If not properly installed through professional roofing contractors, it may not effectively render the fire and weather production and can markedly reduce roof’s age. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of slate roof carefully to make the right decision.