Designing a small bathroom is a real challenge. You need to be very thoughtful about using every square inch of your space to make your bathroom look spacious and attractive.

Just because you have a small bathroom, does not mean it cannot be functional. You only need to figure out smart space-saving ways to lay it out.  One way to revamp the look of your bathroom is to update its vanity. Install a small vanity in your bathroom, which saves space but does not compromise on functions. In this article, we have discussed a few beautiful space saving vanities which can make your bathroom both beautiful and functional.

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Install Wall Mounted Vanity for a Clean Contemporary Look

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, wall mounted vanity is the best way to open the bathroom space. You can also add baskets or boxes under it to store things. Wall mount vanity is a little technical as it needs to anchor to the wall studs. So, it is preferable to approach professional bathroom contractors to mount it with the wall accurately. Wall mount vanity looks sleek and streamlined. Moreover, it adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

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Utilize Your Corner Creatively by Installing Corner Vanity

Corners of a bathroom are often unused part, utilize every inch of your small bathroom and designate its corner as wash area by installing corner vanity. Corner vanity is an excellent choice for a small bathroom, as it provides you with enough storage space and opens up a lot of floor space to make your bathroom appear bigger and wider.

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Smart Storage Vanity Make Your Bathroom Feel Visually Larger

Adding storage in a bathroom is the best trick to create a visually larger and expansive look of the bathroom. Moreover, it also hides the clutter and makes it look neat and clean. Nowadays many beautiful smart storage vanities are available, which can help you use the maximum space of the bathroom.

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Stunning Pedestal Sinks Offers a Vintage Look

If you do not need storage space, the pedestal sink is the next best option for small bathrooms.  Stunning pedestals sinks give a vintage look to the bathroom. Moreover, they give your bathroom an airy and open look.

Find Local Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Stylish and modern vanity designs require thoughtful planning to every detail. A bathroom vanity cannot be completely updated without its essential elements i.e. stylish faucet, modern mirror, and pendants lights. A stylish mirror will accent your vanity and pendants lights will improve the quality of light and reflect your personal style. So expert home renovation contractors always suggest paying extra attention to these elements to make a powerful statement of vanity.