Gone are the days when the people have to search in the markets for the home renovation skillful workers having expertise in various fields. Renovaten, a newly launched startup offers a platform where homeowners can get connected with professional contractors to renovate their homes according to their requirements.


Renovaten has brought up the concept that is the need of the hour. It has developed a system where hundreds and thousands of companies with reviews from their clients will operate in the online environment to provide solutions to homeowners related to their projects. The home renovation comprises almost each and every portion of the home. Mainly, it works upon the addition of features to the home or for repairing, maintaining the already installed ones. The homeowners have to go through the process described as “lead generation” from which the kind of work they are demanding will be determined. Similarly, the bidding system will allow the contractors to get the specific job. Renovate your home


As already mentioned, the startup is a newly launched venture. It competes with the likes of “Home Advisor” and other similar companies who renovate homes in different areas. Its target audience is based in the United States and looks to gather clients from there.


The company does not charge anything from the homeowners. In fact, they just have to complete a requirement gathering information form and provide the details of the personal contact. However, professional contractors have to do a bidding process and pay the company to attain a specific order.

From interior portion objects like bathroom, kitchen and HVAC system to outdoor facilities remodelings like installing a pool or renovating decks and porches; everything regarding home renovation is dealt at Renovaten.

To conclude, it can be said that Renovaten is taking home renovation industry into the next level which should be done in the era of technology.