Flooring is a very delicate component of a home. Good flooring can enhance the feel of your interior’s theme. Choosing the right option is more of a subjective task. A variety of options are available in the market. However, wood has a special place in the hearts of those who wish to give their home a warm, classy, and a vintage feel. But, maintaining the hardwood floor is also a difficult task, or its finish and robustness lose.

Here are some tips to maintain your hardwood floors:

Clean It Weekly

Cleaning a hardwood floor is a very important task. You must not compromise it or the dust particles will eat up the finish of the wood. Some polishes, if not cleaned properly will cause the floor to crack up eventually destroying your flooring completely. It is better to use vacuum cleaner once a week and call in local flooring contractors every once in a while to inspect any undetected damages to your floor. If it needs any replacement or some other maintenance instructions, they can help you in a great way.

Keep The Water Away

Water and humidity is a huge enemy of hardwood floors. It is recommended to keep the windows and doors closed on rainy days. If you observe any water on the floor, clean it with a dry cloth immediately. If you are living in humid regions, it is good to have a dehumidifier in the room to keep the flooring intact. Water can ruin your finishes and may seep into the flooring, damaging the rest of the structure.

Use Rugs In Living Room

Since you can’t control the traffic in the bedrooms and living rooms, it is better that you use some rugs. It will keep the dirty feet off most of the flooring. Any dirt or debris will damage your hardwood floors in just a few days. The rugs will not only help in retaining the integrity of the floor but they can also give your home a beautiful look. Do some research and choose the rug that suits your theme and can cover the most visited area.

Use Furniture Padding

Furniture has its own weight and when placed directly on the hardwood floor, it starts compressing it. This will slowly crack up the floor’s slabs. It might not completely break it but it will surely leave a depression in the wood, which will result in damage of entire flooring structure. You will get restricted to use the furniture at the same place, and wouldn’t be able to make changes in your room. With padding, it not only saves the integrity of the hardwood floor, but it also makes it easy to move the furniture.

Keep Your Shoes Away

Make it a habit in your home that everyone shall walk barefooted or with clean socks on the wooden floor. Put a shoe rack in the entrance of your house or you can use a shoe cleaning mat. Make sure you clean the mat weekly to keep any dust and other particles from spreading into the hardwood floor. This will help you in preserving the structure of the floor for a long period.

Find flooing contractors in the United States

Hardwood floors are hard to maintain but can be preserved with the right techniques and by regularly cleaning it. Use the right polishes and waxes for reconditioning or you can seek help from your local renovation contractors to maintain your flooring. This will keep your hardwood floors intact and home in a beautiful shape.