If you are living in some dormitory or a small apartment, you must know the fact that there is a fine line between a disturbed and a cozy look. According to many people, choosing the wood floor for some small spaces always presents multiple unique challenges, as you have quite less room to work with. And it’s often necessary to compromise between functional and aesthetic concerns. Therefore, many people tend to choose different design elements that they find interesting without even creating a visual clutter.

Here are some common design tips that help you maximize the potential of any small or large space.

Choosing a color scheme for a warm look:

While considering a color scheme for your areas, it’s important to remember an artist’s rule. ‘Cool colors recede and warm colors advance’. There is actually a misconception that dark wood floors should not be used in the small room as they cause it to feel little confined and uncomfortable. And these dark colors can make a room feel smaller, but it’s also not true that dark wood floors need to be completely avoided altogether.

If you like adding dark wood floors, then you can prefer to adorn them with some cool and light tones in the furniture and walls. So, this combination of light and dark would be both visually appealing and prevent your room from feeling bad or claustrophobic. Thus, if you decide to go with medium shades light shades for the flooring; then you can consider using the help of local flooring contractors as they would not only recommend you something according to style but also help build an area in a budget-friendly way.

Keep the flooring simple yet captivating!

Another tough challenge when decorating some small spaces is making them visually captivating while keeping away from the sensory overload. Therefore, the visual clutter can eventually cause your room to feel claustrophobic. So, it’s better to keep it simple. You can also consider using wood species with consistent coloration and complex graining. Also, try to avoid some species like hickory that displayed as a wide range of coloration from plank to plank. These woods could even be used to create a stunning effect in some large and open floorplans, as they look busy in small areas.

Making an illusion of space:

Interior designers tend to maximize the potential of a narrow space by simply making the illusion of any spacious or larger room. One common trick to do this is to put multiple planks parallel to your long walls in order to expand the space visually and make it look more attractive. As an alternative, running different planks diagonal to your walls would eventually direct the eye outward and build some expansive and open look. Thus, a time-tested way to increase the illusion is to hang the mirror in some strategic location. This would simply help you show off the floors without taking up enough room.

It’s quite challenging to consider right flooring elements to make your areas appealing; some limitations also provide sources for inspiration. So, the more amazing a solution to your design problem is, the more memorable it would be. Therefore, the better ways to ensure that you are getting some most out of your space is to consult with the best local contractor who can help you suggest something according to the style and trend.

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