Travelling abroad has always been part of the Australian lifestyle. There’s nothing quite as exciting as boarding on a plane and see unfamiliar yet beautiful landscapes, meet new people, and experience different cultures.

While travelling abroad is mostly good, you may face several risks along the way. Some are small (having a rainy beach day), and others are big (getting into accidents). Anything can happen in an unfamiliar land. With that being said, there are safety precautions that you should employ to ensure that your trip abroad remains a joyous one.

Check out your destination

Safety begins with awareness. You are venturing in a completely new place, with no idea what things will be like when you arrive. It’s important that you read up on the overall safety of your destination. What will be the climate be like? What kind of clothing should I wear? What is the food like?

Research about the places that you can visit. Read on the things that you’re planning to do and see if it’s a 100% safe. Not everywhere has the same rules and safety regulations as Australia.

Take a look at these four essentials first aid tips that will help to keep you safe on your travels.

  1. Pack a First Aid Kit

No matter how careful you are, injuries can happen when you travel abroad. That is why travelling with a first aid kit is always a good idea. Your travel first aid kit should contain basic supplies to treat minor cuts and illness, stomach issues and other pre-existing medical conditions.

  1. Write Down Emergency Info

Write down contact details for local police, ambulance services, or directions to the nearest Australian embassy in case of emergency while travelling. Create an ‘Emergency plan’ and write it on a sheet of paper or save it on your phone.

In that way, you know exactly who to call or where to go when something goes wrong while you’re in abroad.

  1. Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

There are inherent risks to travelling in other countries. You are more vulnerable to risks because of the unfamiliarity of the place and the customs of your host culture. To prevent serious injuries, do not take risks that might take things too far. It’s fun to travel but remember to keep things safe and responsible.

  1. Learn Basic First Aid

Before your trip, enroll in a basic first aid course that will arm you with the basic knowledge required to travel with confidence. The topics covered in the course include basic life support, use of AED and CPR. You will learn how to keep yourself healthy and safe while exploring new places and ensure a smooth journey to your destination.

Traveling throughout the world is one of the most rewarding experiences any person could have. If you employ these travel safety tips before, during and after your trip, you are sure to have a wonderful and unforgettable time abroad.

Safe Travels!