The first impression is always important and the same goes in case of your home. The entryway, no matter how small or big can set the tone and style palette for the rest of your home.

Your entryway is not only the first place that the visitors will see, but it deals with the heavy traffic, mud, shoes and other belongings.  An ideal entryway should be versatile, looks elegant, and have ample space for shoes, coats, hats, etc. You can have all these with a beautiful bench sitting in your entryway. Benches come in a wide range of colors and styles. However, your choice should be in accordance with the style of the room and the available space you have. Here are some beautiful bench designs that will take the clutter away from sight and adds to the look of your entryway.

entryway benches

A Roomy Drawer

A bench looking liking a dresser will create an amazing visual effect and it will uplift your entryway. With spacious drawers that will enable you to store shoes, bulky outerwear, and other accessories. Add a soft cushion and a number of pillows and your entryway bench is ready to rock. You can choose any color from light to dark according to your liking and in accordance with the overall color scheme of the entryway.

A Rustic and Simple Entryway Bench

Have a rustic feel in your entryway with a bench made of distressed wood. Open space with small drawers will provide you ample space for storage. Add matching cabinets made of same wood on each side and an amazing entryway feature is ready. Keep the color of the entryway neutral and it will make an eye-catching contrast.

Cubbies are also A Good Choice

Cubbies are a great storage solution to keep the things out of sight in an entryway. A stylish bench with enough seating space and medium baskets will solve your storage issues. You can keep your scarves, hats, dog leashes, and other things in these baskets. You can hang another drawer on the wall above the bench. It will add storage and looks amazing.

A Sleek and Simple Solid Bench

Staying simple is sometimes the best option. Keep your entryway bench simple and functional with open space below. With such a simple and sleek bench, you have a lot of possibilities to customize it with different boxes. Remodeling your entryway cannot get simpler than this. You can put your shoes underneath and your purse and children’s backpacks on it.

Upholstered Entryway Bench

What about having an upholstered bench in your entryway? It will become a prominent and eye-catching feature of your entryway. To have a wow effect, paint it with glossy white paint and have geometrically patterned cushions. Use cubbies of matching patterns to manage the clutter and organize other things. It is a very economical and easy update that will have an amazing impact on the overall décor of your entryway.

entryway benches

Your entryway reflects the overall style of your home and one feature that makes this space more welcoming and homey is a bold and beautiful looking bench. It is an economical and DIY friendly feature that yields great results. You can consult to professional outdoor contractors for more ideas and tips and enhance the look of your entryway.