Teaching basic first aid to all surely must be in everyone’s interest, but why aren’t first aid teachings is encouraged among youngsters?

By the time our children are old enough to play outside unsupervised, they are exposed to various dangers that could lead to severe or fatal injuries. Thus, the plan to teach all children first aid in primary and secondary schools is reasonable.

Should First Aid be Taught in School?

Schools are constantly the first place we could think of when a new life-skill needs to be taught.

We know that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, and teaching first aid in school at a very young age could potentially save thousands of lives. What could be more reassuring than knowing your child is capable to effectively respond to emergencies?

This is why in England, school children will be required to learn first aid under proposals put forward by the government. These first aid lessons will be introduced at various stages, starting with basic first aid for students in the lower years, and as they progress, they will be provided with more advanced lifesaving lessons.

Primary school children will be taught basic first aid, including calling emergency services, dealing with injuries and bleeding control.

Secondary school children will learn to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and use of defibrillators (AED).

Building Confidence and Leadership Skills

Instilling first aid skills to our children does not only give them invaluable life skills but also build up their confidence and leadership abilities.

Think about the viral video in 2016, where a brave nine-year-old girl, Lily Barber, successfully called 999 after her mother passed out in a moving car and motorway. Lily managed to stay on the phone with emergency services for 7 minutes and was able to direct the emergency services to their location that eventually save her mother’s life.

I believe that by teaching our children the basics of first aid at an early age could produce more Lily in the community.

‘Vital skills that could save a life’

“Teaching children with simple yet vital skills would save lives” said by Mike Adamson, British Red Cross Chief Executive.

With years of being an emergency care nurse and now a first aid trainer, I can tell you some of the most important first aid skills are also the simplest. 140,000 deaths a year could have been prevented if proper first aid training is available to everyone.

Running a fundamental first aid training in school teaches our children to think clearly under pressure and respond to various accidents and emergencies. It will give them the tools they need to be primed and ready when they leave school.

A more accessible first aid education to children today can build a generation with better citizens who possess life-saving skills. If we want to create a progressive, forward-thinking nation, teaching first aid in schools is a great place to start.

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