Ringless voicemail is an innovative technology that simply leaves a voice message on the cell phone without even making a call and distracting the user from his daily routine. The technology is being able to do this successfully by bypassing a wireless cellular network.

Instead of using a cellular network, it simply contacts the voicemail server of the cellular company by directly using the business phone. And then after that, the server usually delivers the message in the user’s allocated voice mail server space. Thus, it sends a random notification that you have received a new message. While in cold calling, agents need to contact the customers to sell their services and products.

Here is a short comparison between Ringless voicemail and cold calling that help you understand the actual difference between these two;

Ringless voicemail does not interrupt the user during busy hours:

One of the most popular reasons cold calling doesn’t sound desirable because it interrupts the customers badly during his busy schedule. Sometimes a user is busy at work or spending quality moments with friends or family, so in that way, cold calling usually looks so interruptive & intrusive. It also distracts the person’s attention when he is occupied with, and then he has to spend the time with the person that they may have no interest in communicating with. That’s why most of the businesses tend to choose Ringless voicemail marketing technique to increase brand recognition as compared to utilizing the same old cold calling method.

It has a lower complaint rate than cold calling:

Since people do not feel disturbed and annoyed so they don’t complaint. That’s why Ringless voicemail technique has a very low complaint rate. The legal authorities of this technology are also agreed upon the fact that because there are not multiple complaints so the technology can be allowed. They usually compare the ringless voicemail technique to unsolicited direct mail.

Customers are not required to pay for the voicemail:

Another strong argument rise against cold calling and Ringless voicemail is that all such marketing methods charge customers to pay huge amounts. In case of cold calling, users are required to pay for the incoming call. But in the case of Ringless voicemail, users are not required to pay for anything while opening the message.

Ringless voicemail simply by-passes the cellular networks and users do not pay charges whatsoever, just like they don’t pay anything when they receive an email.

The callback rate is comparatively high:

The Ringless voicemail usually delivered with an attractive offer that initiates a callback and convinces users to get in touch for more details. That’s the way many businesses track the progress and success of the ringless voicemail campaigns. They can also monitor the callbacks they receive. They can also track how many customers are visiting their website or stopping by a physical location of their business after getting a call.

Thus, in the end, we can conclude that Ringless voicemail is a more effective marketing technique than cold calling. It effectively connects users with the products that they may find attractive and relevant. Even according to legal authorities, the ringless voicemail does more good than bad, so we can utilize it to increase productivity and brand recognition.