A kitchen is a sacred place for homeowners who love to cook. It should have an inviting ambiance and practical workflow more than the glowing appliances and expensive features like countertops, ranges, and cabinetry. In fact, professional chefs suggest you don’t need a massive kitchen to do things at home.

When it comes to celebrity chefs, there are more things to envy than their cooking skills alone like the cookbooks they value, pots and pans they use, and the décor and style they have in their kitchens. According to the local kitchen contractors, people do get inspired by the kitchens of their favorite chefs and try to follow the style in their remodeling projects.

  1. Ina Garten

The spacious barn kitchen of Ina Garten, a cookbook author, and TV host is highly recognizable as her TV set. Her kitchen emphasizes the classic work triangle: stove, sink, and fridge. Other features like a simple sink without compartments, a beautiful Caesar stone countertop, and a Viking range make a strong visual impact. This beautiful kitchen has two dishwashers located underneath the island, open shelves, and the refrigerator hidden behind the beautiful white cabinets. Simplicity and ease is the key concept behind the design and it is an amazing combination of traditional and modern looks.

2. Julia Child

A culinary expert, author, and legendary TV host, Julia Child has a kitchen which matches her credentials. Her home kitchen appears fairly compatible with today’s chefs. She designed her kitchen with her husband with raised counters for the comfort of the 6’2 chef. Kitchen island with gas and electric stovetops took the center stage during the TV tapings. Another great feature of this kitchen is its organization. The intelligent use of hooks, pegboard, and magnetic strips which enables you to have a proper place for everything. Copper pots and enamel saucepan looks elegant which she bought from Paris.

kitchens of celebrity chefs3. Guy Fieri

A restaurateur, author, and TV host Guy Fieri is the spiky-topped face of the food network. He has 900 square feet kitchen built especially according to his liking. In fact, his father designs and build his kitchen. His kitchen features a massive burner, barn wood counters, and foot pedal sink. There are amazing his and her refrigerators, beautifully arranged memorabilia of his TV travels, and the hospital style foot pedals to operate the kitchen faucet. ‘’Nothing is worse than touching a faucet with some nasty raw chicken on your hands’’, Fieri says.

4. Racheal Ray’s Culinary Cove

Small, yet beautiful, Racheal’s kitchen may surprise you. People get shocked at the size of the kitchen. It is probably the smallest kitchen in our list, however, it has the most personality. Her kitchen is a perfect example for those who have small spaces for their kitchens. She based her color scheme off the tiles she purchased from Italy. Beautiful looking tiled backsplash adds to the décor of her kitchen. The cooking range in Portuguese blue which matches the small fridge that was painted to eco with the overall color scheme. Butcher block countertops give her kitchen a unique and stylish look.

5. Bobby Flay’s City Kitchen

This Iron chef delivers superb meals time and time again. Whether he is cooking at home or challenging contenders on the TV show, he loves plenty of counter space. He has two kitchens, indoor and outdoor. His impressive indoor kitchen features two ovens, a walk-in pantry, and a beautiful wine cooler. He has a six-burner stove complete with griddle and a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer.when it comes to his outdoor kitchen, a variety of grills and an amazing brick pizza oven makes his outdoor kitchen a summertime dream place.

kitchens of celebrity chefs

6. Paula Deen’s Deep Fried Sanctuary

Another restaurateur, cookbook author, and TV host Paula Deen has made her mark on the culinary world, as did her alluring kitchen. Her kitchen is highly recognizable as she shoots her TV shows from her home. Bricks and heavy ceiling beams bring the traditional aesthetic look with the modern layout. A deep fryer on the island, a cooking fireplace, soapstone counters, and the oven is best for convection-style for baking. Fridge drawers are located on the island far from her cooking zone. For cleaning, there is a 48-inch sink as the size of a small bathtub.

7. Gordon Ramsay’s Heaven

He might terrorize would-be chefs on his shows, however, at home, his kitchen is nothing short of heaven-sent. The sleek and elegant design is so amazing that even the most sophisticated designers will swoon over them. Stylish white subway tiles are not restricted to the backsplash, it covers the whole wall. Posh white marble countertops and charming glass cabinet doors bring the modern yet classic look. Overall white color scheme gives the entire kitchen a light and airy vibe. There is a three-door monster fridge in his kitchen that can store a lot of ingredients.

kitchens of celebrity chefs

Everybody looks for design inspirations when they plan to remodel their homes. It becomes even more important when you are remodeling the most important part of your home, the kitchen. These amazing kitchen designs of famous celebrity chefs are a perfect source of inspiration. Talk to a qualified local kitchen contractor to bring your dream kitchen into reality.