After kitchen bathroom renovation is the considered most important and expensive renovation project. But if you have less budget, you need is to be innovative and creative to renovate your bathroom in a stylish and economical way.

To create a bright, trendy and functional bathroom in a limited budget, all you need is to know where you can spend generously and where you can save money. Expert home renovation contractors consider bathroom renovation as valuable and worth doing project. Here are 5 tips which can enhance the look of the bathroom without being heavy on budget.

  1. Splash New Colors

Even the least expensive tiles can be costly on a budget If you are low on budget, repainting your bathroom is the best choice. It is cheap, and it can effectively transform your old and boring bathroom to new stylish one.

  1. Recycle and Reuse Instead of Replace

Recycle your old things of the bathroom and reuse them to save extra expense. While recycling or repairing old things, keep in your mind that some things cost more on repairing then replacing. For example, refinishing of old tub and shower cost very less while refinishing of fixtures and sink is costly. So, it is better to replace them.

  1. Try Alternative of Tiles

Tiles are very expensive, even the cheapest tiles can upset your budget. So, try to use fewer tiles, specifically on the focus areas like floor and inside shower walls. Paint the rest of the area. You can also use one horizontal or vertical tiles strip on the wall and paint the rest of the wall. It will create a more dramatic and artistic look. Another way to limit tiles use is to use tile board that gives the look of tiles or stone slab.

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  1. Change Flooring

You can also save money on flooring by using the vinyl flooring which gives the same aesthetic look as stone floor tiles. Vinyl flooring is the latest trend. Moreover, it is cheaper and easy to install then wooden flooring.

  1. Enhance Lighting

Lighting is the easiest and effective thing to replace during any remodeling project.  Add a lot of lights in the bathroom. It will enhance the brightness and will not cost much.

  1. Try to Do it yourself

Try to do some of the work yourself. It will save labor expense. If you are skilled you can perform a lot of work yourself. But if you are not enough skilled you can still save a lot of labor cost by doing small tasks like demolition, painting or replacing fixtures etc.


The DIY project has their own cost. You need to buy or rent tools and other accessories required for the project. In this case, hiring professional home renovation contractors can be handy as they can give you the best bathroom remodel ideas depending upon your requirements. Hiring experts for your project can deliver the desired results which in turn increase the worth of your home.