Although, laminate flooring has been in the market for quite a time, however, still people have misconceptions regarding it in their minds. Therefore, most of the homeowners shy away from installing it in their home. However, local floor contractors have termed these objections as completely baseless and due to lack of knowledge. To avoid making a decision upon wrong advice, read the following points to learn real facts.

Myth #1: Laminate Isn’t Durable

The most heard misconception about laminate flooring that it is a very delicate material and gets damaged soon after its installation. Contrary to this, if you read about its structure, it has each panel that comprises 4 layers. This reinforcement of layers results into a sturdy piece of flooring installed in your home.

Myth #2: Cleaning like Hardwood Floor   

The homeowners are wrongly guided by the non-professionals that laminate floor can be cleaned following the same procedure of hardwood or tile. However, local flooring contractors reject the usage of hefty mop and basket for effective cleaning. You can do the cleaning stuff with simply light vacuum and sponge map.local floor contractors

Myth #3: Laminate Floors Produce Noise

It can be said that laminate does not absorb as efficiently as hardwood. However, to say that these floors produce noise while walking over them is an unconfirmed allegation. The laminate flooring is comfortable to walk over just like marble or tile. Therefore, it can be installed not only in the home but also at commercial offices without any hesitation.

Myth #4: No variety in Looks 

This is an old concept about the laminate material that it is available in few selected colors and designs. However, with the advancement in the home improvement industry, laminate flooring has different options available with variety in style, textures, and patterns. thus, it is also improving the worth of your home the same way other top flooring types are doing.Find flooring contractors in the United States

Myth #5: No repairing; only replacement

The generally heard discussion about laminate flooring includes that there is not spot repairing procedure available with laminate. However, it is not true and the myth has been originated from the confusion between the laminate and linoleum flooring. Nevertheless, the structure has been made up of planks in which normal repairing work related to scratches and damage can be done easily.

The laminate flooring has been the target of different illusions in the market. However, if you consult professional renovation contractors that have enough experience then that would be great for your decision regarding the floor installation in your home. Make your choice according to your home conditions in mind.