A bathroom is a widely used part of the home. Its high usage requires more maintenance than any other parts of the home. Cleaning the bathroom on regular basis is the ultimate secret to cleanliness. Some parts of our bathrooms are often left out while maintaining it, resulting in some major problems.

These 5 hacks will keep your bathroom in a good shape for a long time:

Prevent the Moisture

The amount of moisture in the bathroom is very high. Whenever you take a shower, especially with warm water, the whole bathroom is exposed to moisture due to the formation of water vapors. The best way to prevent moisture from spreading in unreachable paths is to clean and cover them after the usage. Use the exhaust fan and open the bathroom windows after the shower. Keep the toilet lid closed when not in use. A good way to prevent moisture from spreading in your bathtubs is to keep it covered and remember to wipe the floor after the shower. It is advised that you call in bathroom repair contractors every once in a while to thoroughly inspect your bathroom. So, if any repair or replacements are needed, they can be done in time.

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Use Water-Repellent on Surfaces

With extreme exposure to moisture; the walls, ceiling, and doors start losing their strength. The paint on the walls and ceiling also starts wearing off. This makes our bathroom not only dirty but vulnerable to structural damage. It is wise that you use water-repellent coatings on your doors, walls, ceiling, and floors. Some paints contain this coating which makes it last long while protecting the surfaces.

Maintaining the Toilet

A toilet needs to be cleaned on daily basis. But, sometimes molds start growing on the edges of the toilet drain pipe. If there is water leakage, you should call the plumber. Sometimes, the drain pipe needs a replacement whereas in many cases, it’s just some valves that need adjustment. You should get your toilet checked frequently, especially if you live in humid weather conditions. Keep a check on the water tank of your toilet. Sometimes, the flushing components get damaged, causing leakages, and need a replacement.

Cleaning the Floor

Washing off the floor improperly can damage it after some time. The biggest factor that damages all the things in the bathroom is water. Water may seep into the floor, irrespective of the material it is made of and damages the bindings. Grout may start to spread, making your floor dirty, and giving a pathway for molds to grow, ultimately damaging the whole structure. It is advised that you seek help from local floor contractors when renovating your bathroom floor. They can guide you on how to keep the floor clean and prevent it from cracking.

Add Trash Cans and Towel Rails

Having towels in your bathroom can not only give you a quick access to them but they can help in absorbing a lot of moisture, especially after taking a shower with warm water. Use cabinets in your bathroom to store fresh towels, toilet paper, and other necessary items. This will make your bathroom countertops look tidy. Add a trash can so it is easy to dispose of expired and unwanted items. Place a few paper towels at the bottom of the trash can so that it absorbs moisture.

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Keeping a bathroom clean is very important and it is necessary that it’s cleaned up to a little detail. You should clean the bathroom on a daily basis. Call in a professional contractor every once in a while for regular check up on all the components and get them repaired in case of any damages.