Renovation of bathrooms is considered one of the most difficult and expensive renovations among all others.  Bathroom renovation charge high cost, time, and headaches to homeowners.

Considering the high expense of bathroom remodeling, it is a worthy idea for homeowners to think of such smart upgrades which revamp the look of the bathroom but do not cost much.

Below are some clever economical bathroom improvement tips by the expert bathroom contractors in Orlando sure to make a huge impact. Following these smart alternatives will enable you to have an equally bright and functional bathroom, which an expensive renovation can provide. Moreover, it will save your dollars, efforts and time.

1. Paint your Bathroom Fixtures

Is replacing bathroom fixtures, not in your budget? Nothing to worry about. You can give an entirely new look to your bathroom fixtures by painting them. Simply cover the area surrounding the fixtures with painting tap or cloth. Rub the fixtures with sandpaper before painting. It will give them a textured surface, suitable to hold paint.

Use a primer to prevent rusting. After painting, leave fixtures untouched for a few hours. Remove tap carefully and cherish the new look of your fixtures.

2.  Remove Damaged Shower Door and Use Curtains Instead

If the door of your shower is not in good condition, it is good to remove it for a cleaner look. It can be a little tricky. Be careful while removing it so that it does not fall and hit bathtub or wall.

Use shower curtains to add elegance to the bathroom. Worry about shower curtain expense? Then you should not. You can use regular curtains as shower curtains. You may need to use a shower liner for this, as regular curtains are not waterproof. Add two regular curtains instead of one to create a more graceful look.

3. Use Beautiful Hanging Flower Pots to Keep Things Organized

Save yourself from spending a huge amount on organization drawers and use beautiful hanging flower pots to keep things organized and in reach. This is even prettier than those expensive drawers.

bathroom improvement tips

4.  Hang a Spice Rack in Bathroom to Use it for Multi Purposes

Hearing about a spice rack in the bathroom may surprise you, but it is more useful here than the kitchen. Hang it upside down to use it both as shelf and towel rack.

You can hang one more spice rack in the bathroom to keep your makeup and cosmetics products in place.

5. Paint your Bathroom Cabinets

Painting is your best friend in home renovation. You can give a new look to the old things by giving them a fresh coat of new glossy paints.  Paint your bathroom cabinets and enhance the look of your bathroom without spending a lot on big renovations.

bathroom improvement tips

Before going for tearing up the tiles or replacing tub for a perfect bathroom makeover, consider these clever shacks to see the amazing difference these simple and quick ideas can create.